Ollikainen, Tuomas


2019 / art work placement

Antimonument was made during the final stages of my studies of sculpture. We had an assignment with a theme of love. Around that time, we were planning to make some bronze casts, and I decided to combine the technique and the theme. Bronze is the most traditional material for the figurative monuments, especially of great men in history. I had an idea of making something antagonistic to monumental, grandiose and vertical, something mundane, minimalistic and horizontal.
Going to the toilet unites all people. Even the Pope and the President take a shit. The models for the figures are from the toilet doors of the main building of the institution where I was studying. Somehow, this seemed meaningful at the time. I transferred the images from the stickers on the doors, by placing a sheet of paper on them and rubbing it over with a pencil, in a manner similar to transferring a relief of a coin onto paper. Then I transferred the images to a block of wax and cut the models out. I then only needed the channels and the mould for the casting.
The casting went well, with a nice tone of bronze and with little accidental scars on the figures. I did some cleaning on the figures and looked for a suitable stone to place them on. I found a nice piece of green granite from our stone sculpture yard. The figures are attached to the piece of granite with metal pegs and epoxy glue. The granite pedestal gives the toy-like figures a tiny hint of monumentality.
There is a traditional method of patinating bronze with urine. Hence the Antimonument is in a place (namely, at the edge of the forest), where people can urinate on it. The figures stand amidst nature, almost invisible, yet discoverable, to remind us of something important: of love towards our fellow human beings.




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