About Rajatalo

Rajatalo consists of a disused, unheated cottage built in 1950, its garden and the nearby woods.

Rajatalo organizes annually a couple of open calls available nationwide in Finland, whereby art works and projects are created in situ. Rajatalo features also as a site for completed art works and as a work place for grant-aided projects or children’s cultural projects led by artists. A jury consisting of artists changes every year and selects the works and the projects.

The aim of the project is to build a changing, growing and artistically varied creation that is not a traditional exhibition, not a sculpture park and not a residence program, but contains some elements of all of these.

Rajatalo is situated in the Keuruu Eco village. The house itself, the garden, the outbuildings and the woods are owned by the Eco village, but the artists have a free reign over the area. The only condition is to work respectfully with nature and the only restrictions concern dismantling the house and the outbuildings. The artists may make use of the various tools, machinery and work spaces available in the village. The use of recycled and natural materials is preferred in the projects; however, other solutions are not excluded. There are also plenty of recyclable materials available in the Keuruu Eco village. The time frame for completing the works is seven days, while the Eco village catering and accommodation is available to the artists.

Rajatalo is open all the year round 24 / 7. Visiting times preferably between 9am and 9pm. Larger groups, please notify of your arrival in advance. If agreed beforehand, it is possible to book a guided tour and / or to stay in the Eco village and enjoy its catering facilities. Regrettably Rajatalo is not completely accessible to those with severely limited mobility. Rajatalo has suffered damage from moisture and those with sensitivity / allergies should be aware of this before entering the house itself.

Rajatalo is a co-operation of Keuruu Ecovillage, Keuruu city and Arts Promotion Center Finland.

Kivijärventie 300, Keuruu | rajatalo217@gmail.com
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