Suurhasko, Jonna


2021 / art work placement

As a child, I used to love aquariums and bottle gardens – enchanting hidden worlds that people could glimpse only through the glass. Although I built those worlds myself, they acquired a life of their own and I became nothing but an observer. Now I wish to build another world of my own, as a grown-up artist.

Factors such as the growth of population, pollution, lack of water, and technological development have increased the interest in larger-scale closed environments of growth worldwide. In Finland, too, we are now exploring the possibilities of using old mines as automated greenhouses for cultivating plants, among other options. It would be interesting to know how much research, technology, time, and planning are required to imitate natural conditions. And should nobody wish to harm nature on purpose, can devastation yet be an accident ?

Suurhasko, Jonna



Kivijärventie 300, Keuruu |
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