Pylkkö Leena

Long exposure squares

2020 / an art work sponsored by Svenska kulturfonden.


The ‘long exposure squares’ made in Rajatalo are a part of a whole, parts of which I have created in different locations and in different environments. The idea is to clean an area the size of one square metre. We then have a very slowly working ‘exposure area’ that is ready to receive whatever falls on it or grows on it over time. The English word ’exposure’ is a photographic term; however it also refers to something being exposed to external factors. Cleaning consists of different actions in different places: in urban Turku it involved picking rubbish and scrubbing the lichen off the cobblestones. On an island in the river Potomac in Washington, cleaning consisted of clearing the reddish earth of fallen leaves underneath the jungle of shrubs. The squares will re-grow or disappear, each at their own pace, when they are exposed to different things.




Kivijärventie 300, Keuruu |
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