Open call 2022

Rajatalo Open Call 2022

Rajatalo, a venue for environmental and site specific art invites all visual artists permanently resident in Finland to submit their artwork entries for the summer of 2022.

The summer 2022 call will take the form of a portfolio submission / work proposal. The theme of the open call is reuse, recycling and resource wisdom. It can be interpreted freely, e.g. from the human perspectives of the materials used and / or the creative work. In addition to the portfolio / book proposal, a short text is desired that opens up ideas related to the themes. The open call also selects an artist or artist couple to execute a painting / collage directly on the wall.  Picture of the wall:

Artwork submissions may be situated in Rajatalo house, the surrounding yard or the woods that are part of the venue. Each individual artist or a group of artists may enter up to two submissions. The jury, comprising of visual artists, selects the artists / groups of artists for the summer of 2021 who will also receive a tax-free production grant to the value of 500 euro.

Application period is from the 5th of December 2021 until the 12th of January 2022. The successful applicants are notified by the 30th of January 2022. The timetables for the implementation of the artworks will be agreed with the selected artists individually.

The Eco village accommodation and catering is available to the artists without charge. The accommodation comprises of guest rooms in the Eco village. The artists may utilize carpenters, gardeners and forest workers tools that are available in the Eco village, as well as workspaces such as small metal and wood workshops. A cement mixer, a tractor and a large amount of various recycling materials and scrap metal are also available and their use is recommended. If required, there are helping hands available too. Water and electricity are connected to Rajatalo house.

The resource materials are wide ranging: scrap metal, clay, stone and timber. There are also larger consignments of e.g. roof tiles, bicycles, framed windows belonging to a block of flats, size 160x160 cm, telegraph poles cut in 1,5m lengths and home utensils and furniture.

Photos of the house and of some of the above mentioned materials: //

Further information about the materials:


The implementation of the art work should take a maximum of 7 days.

The woods can be worked and cleared if required, however, full size trees cannot be felled. The basic principle is to work in a respectful way with the environment.

The artworks must endure time and weather conditions.

The artists will commit themselves to the idea that Rajatalo project will end at some stage and the works will be dismantled.


Send your application to this address:  One max 5MB file (pdf or doc). Please write in the message field your name and the text: haku2022.

Your application must include:

  • Your contact details: name, address, phone number, e-mail address
  • A written proposal for your artwork
  • A sketch of the artwork or images from previous artworks
  • A proposal how to hang / install the artwork and its technical details
  • An estimate of the time the installation will take
  • A number of possible helpers required
  • Other special requirements for the installation of your artwork.


Rajatalo is a joint project by Keuruu Eco village and Keuruu Municipality.

Rajatalo home page:

Rajatalo facebook:



For visits to the Eco village and additional information about the materials contact:

Further information about the Eco village:

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