Suorsa, Tiio

Non-Finite Clause (NFC)


The early internet was organic and communal, until the production economy took it over. The
artwork reflects on whether the formation of relationships could be back to the principle of
closeness and trust instead of trading. What if the good initial seeds of the internet bubbled
colourful and raw into our physical reality?

Non-Finite Clause (NFC) consists of clay beings, NFC tags, webpages, internet-aware digital
poetry, moving image and sound. In Rajatalo, the still images and mycelium left on the
surfaces have also strived for physical reality.

As a media-archaeological work, it combines devices developed for faster trading, of which
original purpose has been switched into an interface. The work is inspired by ancient clay
envelopes, bullas, the contents of which were sometimes marked on the outer envelope.
NFC technology was also developed for faster trading, contactless payments. In the work,
NFC tags are hidden in clay bullas, conveying digital poems and slowly repeating moving

Non-finite clause is a sentence without a tense. We can't know for sure if the bullas'
messages are from the past or the future.






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