Schütt, Hans-Peter

Antennas of Comprehension,

2021 / art work placement


Piece is arranged of discarded single gloves which I have been collecting from the street around Finland
during 2019-2020. A found object has always a history which can only be guessed. Most intriguing fact
about gloves is that they have been worn. They have been filled with hands and there are things that have
been conducted with those hands.

The title, Antennas of Comprehension, can be read many ways. Comprehension can be seen as a chain of
information where the old is the foundation for the new. It can be the passing of things from a generation
to another. Comprehension can be achieved by connecting and linking things as a process for progress
and developement. Comprehension can be seen also as something which is common or collective; a
feeling or a state in which individuals attain a sense of unity and understanding. But comprehension can
also create divisions and build hierarchy. Symbiosis of the two last viewpoints could be the man ́s
comprehension of mankind as the ruler of the planet.

This notion and the amount of comprehension which mankind experiences to control have been in focus
within the making of this piece. We sit here, in the constant now, on the heights of our comprehension so
far. When we take a look around it ́s relevant to ask what have we done with this humongous amount of
comprehension we claim to possess? What have we achieved and how, with what terms? What kind of a
world have we chosen to create for ourselves and those innumerable forms of life with whom we inhabit
this planet?

Quickly the vast horizon closes up. There is plenty of room to learn. Therefor we need antennas for our
comprehension; to measure, to send, to receive, to interpret but most important of all to imagine
something which steps aside from anything we yet can comprehend.

“What is now proved was once only imagined.”
- William Blake

Kivijärventie 300, Keuruu |
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