Ilveskorpi, Sara



The art installation Rag settles itself as a mat on the Rajatalo drive. It is built from second hand utility and decorative items. They do not originate in Rajatalo, however they represent the styles associated with the ‘golden age’ of the house.

A home represents a sacred space for us Finns. Rajatalo however is open for artists and the public. Yet it has once encompassed all the elements of a home. Items absorb past lives into them. I wanted to somehow bring them back to Rajatalo.

In Catholic countries they celebrate saints (Corpus Christi) by covering the village streets by colourful mats made from flowers and sand. During the fiesta, the mats built during the day disintegrate underneath the feet of the guests. In Rajatalo I approach the sacredness and fragility of human life and the environment by making a ‘mat’ between the house and the surrounding area, the intermediate space. The materials of the work are recycled, just like in a real rag mat. The other elements in the work include time, randomness and decomposition.

Regarding the items I ask, what is the relationship between the intimate sacredness and reality? What kind of role do we give to items in our life? How does that role transform when it is exposed to the environment and stamped under our feet? What is, ultimately, the lifespan of the art work and what does it leave behind in the environment?



Kivijärventie 300, Keuruu |
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