Keränen, Riikka

Other kinds of needs


A garage has been built to shelter a car. It is the right size for it. All of the car doors can be opened inside the garage and the height enables people in most cases to walk upright into the garage and to step in or out of the vehicle. The garage doors have been made to measure so the car can easily be driven in and out. There is a small window on the back wall, even though the car does not really need light while inside. There is no heating but the main thing for the car is to be sheltered from snow, rain, wind and the scorching sun. The shed is provided with electricity. The car can thus be heated in the colder winter months. For the last few years the shed has served as a storage space for various things. I don’t know what happened to the car. Perhaps it has grown in size with modern progress so it no longer fits in the old shed or perhaps the owners have left and taken the car with them. Or maybe the car has been sold, scrapped or it is trying to disintegrate as best it can somewhere. This spring the garage was emptied of all the things that have been stored there. They were brought some place, I don’t know where. After the clear-out a clay creation has arrived, or perhaps grown there or been built in the shed. There is some straw or hay sticking out of its pale surface. I don’t know for sure what it is. Perhaps it’s a nest or a hide. Sometimes I wonder if it is a living creature and not just something someone lives in. However I feel that somehow the garage has not fulfilled the needs for the newcomer. Surely it offers the same things as for the car; a shelter from rain, snow, wind and sun, but perhaps they/it need something else as well.




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