Aresalo, Riikka

c r e a t u r e

2018/an art work sponsored by a grant

did you know
when people leave
when people do not return no longer live in a house
it’s time for the creatures to appear
it’s time for a c r e a t u r e to conquer the house to spread
to occupy the floor and underneath it
to grip the wall the ceiling and the corners
the c r e a t u r e is sheltering in the house
and theoretically has an infinite chance to expand

the c r e a t u r e  is red, it’s bright red, dark red, blue red, it’s purple, it’s stripy red, red squared, red patterned. the c r e a t u r e  is shirt mattress blouse shredded paper trousers skirt scarf and hood. clothes and cotton wool. it is whatever is cast aside elsewhere

hand sown together
there were needles and button thread
theoretically an infinite chance to expand



Kivijärventie 300, Keuruu |
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