Pekkala, Anna



The shape of MAKRILLIHAI sculpture originates from the Jaws (Tappajahai) movie poster. The teeth of the shortfin mako shark were used as an inspiration for it. Mako sharks are popular in sport fishing and their teeth and jaws are popular souvenirs and collectibles. Wikipedia's trivia tells us that mako sharks also played a part in Renny Harlins awesome movie Deep Blue Sea. The shortfin mako is currently classified as an endangered species. The population has decreased from the 1940’s by half. 

MAKRILLIHAI sculpture is a monument that ponders lamniformes (commonly known as mackerel sharks) current status and its changes, making a reference to the year 1975 and the most popular shark movie of all time. Previously mentioned movies have strengthened the idea of the shark as a dreaded human killer, creating a distorted image of a fish that, in reality, rarely attacks humans. Even in 2019 sharks, especially white sharks, are represented as dangerous to humans in certain action-oriented nature programs. In Tampere sourshark is being sold as part of some kind of Viking baptism. All this is absurd. That's why I made the shark's most famous bust as a three-dimensional monument to Rajatalo.

Kivijärventie 300, Keuruu |
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