Paunila, Anni

Monument for Polypores


My installation ”Monument for Polypores” is in praise of these sculptural fungi which from a human point of view arrive without invitation and attach themselves on surfaces to live on. I do not know much about them, but I sincerely believe that they have significant importance to natural diversity. I admire them, their shapes and colours. When designing this piece I read ”Threatened polypores in Finland”, written by Heikki Kotiranta and Tuomo Niemelä (1993). I found out that we had 60 species of extinct, endangered and threatened polypores. In this installation there are 60 ceramic polypores symbolising each species. This piece was especially designed for Rajatalo. In the deserted building, with cracks in which the polypores are growing, nature appears to be taking its territory back – or was it a human act? These polypores are made from minerals of the earth. If you look at them from further away, you cannot see the difference between the natural and the manmade. ”Monument for Polypores”  is growing from the inside out or from the outside in – whichever way you want to see it.



Kivijärventie 300, Keuruu |
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