Öhman, Liisa Tarleena


2018/2, continues to 2019

When I think of a landscape, I think of something large and imposing, unspoiled and distant. An image that Järnefelt has depicted tree by tree from his palette onto the canvas or that which a photographer immortalizes with an exact tenth of a second, when the sun is a halved grapefruit in the horizon. A landscape can be wild and scary, however, tamed by the gaze, it stays in the distance, it does not threaten.

Yet the most important landscapes are often something other than the traditionally cropped postcard images. The path, where you got lost one evening walking the dog. The field, where you used to play soccer as a child. The concrete wall of a house that you leaned on some morning, when you were too scared to go home. And all the other places in between. The ones that you only notice when they change, if at all.

My idea behind the series of works titled ‘Regards’ has been to express a kind of micro level tourism, to communicate and pause in our daily routes. If we look at an ordinary landscape closely and carefully, we may notice something beautiful, repulsive or interesting in it. The wooden frame of my work, a hundred times the size of an ordinary postcard, crops the changing landscape and you can send your reflections on the landscape on a card, set on a nearby postbox. Why does one scene count as a national landscape and another as an ugly, bare or insignificant one? Can you send your regards concerning any landscape?



Kivijärventie 300, Keuruu | rajatalo217@gmail.com
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