Jääskeläinen, Nikki

Sites small in area or point-form


Statistic Finland’s Land Use Classification states:
The site to be classified must have a surface area. Thus, a point-form site or a site with a
small area is not taken into account or classified.
Sites small in area or point-form is an environmental art work in three stages.
In the first stage the artist got to know the small forest area south from Rajatalo and
looked for “sites small in area or point-form”, then chose some of them, located them
with gps, drew overall pictures of them and gave them names.
The coordinates of the sites were placed on a map in cooperation with a land surveyor
and a guide map was designed with a graphic designer. The map was then printed and
mounted into the forest of Rajatalo so that it is visible from the steps of the house
inviting people to enter the forest. The map is the second part of the art work.
In the third stage the visitor will be guided deeper into the forest by the map to look for
the sites. The sites are placed on the map in their actual locations in the correct scale so
that they are possible to be found at least in theory.








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