Härkönen, Henrik

Embedded Circle Reliefs II


An abandoned house enables one to create an art work in the very structure of the building. In a standard gallery you cannot drill into, saw and hammer the walls and the floor. These opportunities stretch the limits of the scale, material choice and content of the art works.

The artistic style of my art work ‘Embedded Circle Reliefs II’ is abstract expressionism, which means that I express inner feelings through a non-representational form. One could also characterize the work with words like geometric minimalism, which is expression reduced to simple shapes. Hence the meaning and the value of the work is defined by its form, texture, medium and spatial dimensions.

The contact point of the two circles in the work leads to the theme of the Rajatalo exhibition. Even though the ideas of the circles are geometrically perfect, they separate themselves from each other and from the space around them. The parallel borders and spaces can, depending on the viewer, be interpreted as interfaces of visual art, mind and a community.



Kivijärventie 300, Keuruu | rajatalo217@gmail.com
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