Haavisto Petri




The colour of the blueberry has vanished from memory and been replaced with the pale colour of concrete. The surface is lifeless. I have studied blueberries using various techniques and materials. What fascinates me about blueberries is their fragility, combined with a certain kind of strength.Picking blueberries is very relaxing and it is a pleasure to observe them carefully before eating.I have tried to express the fragility through the title. In the future the blueberries in our forests could be just a distant memory. During the summer the spectators can pick blueberries around the artwork.  They can also try to change the colour back to the normal colour of a blueberry if they wish. In the course of time, it will blend into its surroundings and the forest will start to draw its own work of art on its surface.







Kivijärventie 300, Keuruu | rajatalo217@gmail.com
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